They are called classics for a reason

74531_694947033871574_1938750935_nOh, Celie, how I am going to miss you … Abused repeatedly by her father, trapped in a marriage that she didn’t choose, separated from her younger sister, Celie just tries to stay alive. All this until a new person comes into her life and change all her priorities; she will be helped to discover her passion and to turn it into a business.  A wonderful book that made me understand that it is not the family you were born into that represents you, it is not the chances you get life or the way people treat you, but how you choose to react.

1475865_715022241864053_1288036413_nI would read and re-read this book over and over again, as it has many valuable lessons. The story follows the evolution of young spoiled Scarlett O’Hara, who had to fight poverty, hunger, being a widow and her own personality during the American Civil War. Ah, I really argued with her when she would go crazy for her love, but I supported her when she made good decisions. But after everything, I truly understood that she had to adapt to those times, and that is not necessarily a bad thing. A great book that really deserved to win the Pulitzer Prize.

1622770_756793571020253_1629978199_nI really liked the movie, therefore I wanted to read the book to grasp the details better. The story follows the life of Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire that tries to re-win the love of his life, Daisy Buchanan. For that, he throws opulent parties, where he waits for her to appear and when Nick Carraway moves next door, he seeks help in his young, innocent neighbor. Of course, the story has a lot of ups and downs, and everything that happens really made me understand better the soul of Gatsby (we definitely connected) and really hate Daisy Buchanan, who turns out to be a selfish, greedy and heartless woman. I really enjoyed the story and the greatness of those times.

1902871_768359423197001_2035082726_nMaybe I didn’t understand Emma or the book as a whole. Maybe I was born too late, but this story was terribly flat and without any remaining emotion. Emma is a bored, cold and narcissistic woman, who dreams to have an amazing life. Therefore, she marries Charles Bovary in order to enter the life of luxury and passion that she reads about in romantic novels. But Charles turns out to be a dull country doctor and the lifestyle he actually provides is very different from what she expected. So, in order to make the life more interesting, she finds a lover and starts a devastating spiral into deceit and despair. I was attracted to read this because I knew it was forbidden in the past, but it did not impress me. I couldn’t connect to the characters at all, the only things that appealed to me were the French places described. Last but not least, Madame Bovary is pretty similar to Lady Chatterley’s Lover, but I enjoyed the latter more.

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