Events I have planned.

International Music Night

Even though we come from different backgrounds, cultures and religion, everybody ‘speaks’ music. This event celebrated the music and dancing from all over the world, presented different traditions and encouraged people to learn more about different musical cultures.

Afro Calypso

This event represented a brief journey to Africa. With its rhythm, colors, food and diverse culture, Africa represents the land of curiosity, therefore, that night, we tried to bring people closer to it. And it really was a multicolored night.

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 Islam Awareness Day

Considered one of the most controversial religions, Islam has always aroused curiosity. This event was the perfect stepping stone for those who were clueless about Islam, celebrating spirituality, faith, music and multiculturalism.

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 Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year has always gathered many people together. The night was celebrated with rich experiences of Chinese tradition, food and mesmerising entertainment, all of which really took us to China.

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